Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Here are all the peeps who, despite looking perfectly lovely, always do the same damn thing. Blake Lively had her sexy gams out as per usual in a failsafe Marchesa number, and don't get me wrong, I bloody love her, I'd kind of like to see her experiment a little; less "look at my bod" - more "look at my style", you know? Chloe Sevigny was obviously there looking a little batshit as usual, now I know it's sacrilege to say anything bad about her holiness, but I'm rarely surprised by what she's wearing. She ticks all the boxes for fash savvy but I'm always left flicking past pictures of her thinking, "Of course she's wearing that. Why wouldn't she be?"

Bar Rafaeli was looking slightly slutty as ever, and you can just picture her giving Leo a cheeky lap dance in somewhere like Whisky Mist later on, (if they were in London which they are blates not). Jessica Biel actually made me yawn, I swear she's been wearing the same variation of a dress and hair-do for at least a year. Rachel Zoe was weighted down by oodles of Van Cleefe so she didn't float away on the merest of breezes, same luxe boho, same safe look. Finally, why oh why hasn't anyone told Renee Zellweger that her fave of faves Carolina Herrera doesn't do her any justice? Always the same, out with the shoulders and back - and hello to her lumpy ligaments. Plus, the cuts of the dresses make her look excessively broad on top and then taper down as if she's deteriorating from the waist. PLEASE STOP IT. What on earth would Jerry Maguire say for goodness sake?

(T-B) BL - Marchesa, CS - Proenza Schouler, BR - Rag and Bone, JB - Ralph Lauren, RZ - Marc Jacobs, RZ - Carolina Herrera

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