Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Ok, so these were originally going to be two separate posts, but they were only little so I've merged see. Chung threw a big old masculine spanner in to the works and manages to make her Chaplin-esque get up look pretty nifty, with not a whiff of the Dion back to front tuxedo in sight. Gainsbourg is the epitome of cool and raises hellfire with this Balenciaga jobby. January Jones is, I think, the shocker of the year - normally fit for the Maxim cover at the drop of a hat she's embraced Stefano Pilati's directional approach with gusto. You go girl. 

Naomi Watts can sometimes suffer from 'Kidman Syndrome' - maybe it's cos they're mates? But here she looks anything but washed out in a rich fuchsia, I think she should become bezzies with Rachel Weisz, then they could look resplendent together all the time.

(T-B) AC - 3.1 Philip Lim, CG - Balenciaga, JJ - Yves Saint Laurent, NW - Stella McCartney, RW - Oscar De La Renta

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