Saturday, 15 May 2010


...Can be pretty hit or miss. Julian MacDonald's 'Star' line par example - not so great. However, what with the national tightening of the purse strings, the game needed to be stepped up, and boy has it ever. Maybe it  was the introduction of Vogue's 'More Dash Than Cash' that saw bonafide fashion forces making their mark on the high street, whatever the cause, I, for one, am very grateful. Not only does this clever marketing ploy introduce the designer's name to 'the masses' as it were, it also makes them more likeable; plus it enable's ordinary folk to buy into the brand without having to go without food for a month, (so fashion though...). 

Two of my favourites, championing the 'more look for less money' cause are Pearl Lowe and Henry Holland, working with Peacocks and Debenhams respectively. Both designers have successfully managed to provide exactly what a diffusion line should do - wearable, stylish collections that truly mirror the brand they've filtered down from. Lowe's line is typically 'her', a selection of vintage print tea dresses with plentiful amounts of lace, chiffon and fine ribbon. Modelled to perfection by daughter Daisy, these should be worn with undone hair and sturdy accessories for the intended 'grunge picnic' feel.

Holland's collection showcases his trademark use of colour and print, yet also incorporates masses of deceptively high-end looking luxe basics. This is no doubt a range loaded with fun pieces, but they stand alone and manage not to fall foul of the fine line of tackiness. The printed kagool, for example, is perfect for festival season, whilst the tie-dye leggings could have been peeled straight from the (ridiculously long) legs of Whitney Port. This is proper, well designed, well thought out stuff that can be and should be considered a rival for go to brands such as H&M. And if anyone asks, it's designer, yeh?

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