Friday, 21 May 2010


Where to begin? Ok, I apologise in advance for this post probably coming across as the ramblings of a madman, but I'm still buzzing my tits off so allow it please.

 Earlier on this week, my cousin Sebastian, who's currently doing very clever things at Oxford Uni, and I exchanged messages along these lines:

Sebastian: Hubert de Givenchy is giving a talk at the SU this thursday, fancy it?
Me: Actual Givenchy?
Sebastian: I believe so.
Me: Errrrrr... Obvs.

Getting the chance to meet someone that falls under the genuine, bonafide 'legend' label is a rare feat these days, and to sit in the same room as someone who lists Audrey Hepburn as one of his bezzies (r.i.p) is not the kind of offer you pass on.

So today, Tony and I drove over to Oxford, enjoying sunny skys and listening to a variety of hits including 'Gasolina' and a little Rod Stewart.

It was a journey of excitement tinged with trepidation, whilst the possibility of meeting such a legend made me want to pee a bit, I couldn't help thinking that somehow we wouldn't be let in, like we'd have to do an IQ test first or something.

Anyway, after some worries over shirts and ties, we were finally seated in the room, right by the front and I felt like I was waiting for Obama.

Givenchy, is without a doubt THE nicest man I've ever met in the fashion industry. Firstly apologising for his English, then doing a kind've Franglais the whole way through he answered too many questions to recount, each with wit, grace and amazing insight; but here are a couple of quotes:

"I feel that fashion has no direction now, you take what Mr Dior did with the New Look from after the war, that was truly revolutionary. Now, everybody wear the long, the short, the trouser, the amusing jumper. There is no direction."

"There are no real stars anymore. There are many actors and actresses but you cannot tell one from another. To be a true star you must not always change your style. You have to be iconic, recognisable. That is just my opinion but I believe it is true."

"Dress makers, couturiers, used to design to make women look beautiful, to make them prettier. Now this is not the case, I don't understand it."

"When I was a young man, I wanted to become a dressmaker, I was from Beauvais, where there is the famous tapestry, and I decided to go to Paris to see Mr Balenciaga and to work for him. I was a little presumptuous I think as when I arrived to show my drawings, I was told to go away."

"There is nothing so hard to design as the little black dress - le petit robe noir."

He even signed my DVD without calling me a freak.


  1. That's amazing, you are lucky that you got to meet this man! Wow!