Thursday, 6 May 2010


Summer Woolly Hats

These days festival season seems to roll round in less time than it takes to polish off a KFC bargain bucket, and finding some head gear to cover a greasy barnet without looking like Robbie Williams in the fat sportswear days is a pretty hard task.

Of course you could always go for the safe straw porkpie, but realistically, in a field full of them you’re not exactly making it easier for your mates to find you when you wander off in search of the nearest cider tent. A little summer woolly job on the other hand not only gives the impression that you look like you know what’s going on in fashion, making you as irresistible to fit girls as a massive chocolate handbag, it also gives a little ‘pep’ to the scruffiest of t-shirts and shorts – and when your mates are wearing them next year, you can have all the satisfaction and man-points going.

Grey Beanie £6 at:

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