Tuesday, 4 May 2010


This does not mean lazy, unkempt or dull - it is understated, chic and less like a punch to the face with a fistful of sequins. I've been wary of Carey Mulligan's red carpet attire for quite some time now, it always seems to swamp her and subsequently look frump de la frump. This time, however, she's knocked it out of the park. The lavender hues against her newly peroxide hair work a treat, and it finally looks like she got the right size, big 'A' for improvement. Liv Tyler is like something the heavens created on a good day all the time so how on earth could she do anything but look blow me down gorge in Stella?

Button nosed and pint size pretty is wee little Rachel Bilson, making an awkward length work to perfection whilst still remaining youthful and fresh. Last but not least, Tina Fey - a new arrival on the style circuit and doing very well indeed I must say. Chic with a big old 'C' she eschews the gowns in favour of a spot of YSL tailoring. Caliente.

(T-B) CM - Miu Miu, LT - Stella McCartney, RB - Louis Vuitton, TF - Yves Saint Laurent

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