Tuesday, 4 May 2010


WTF. I think I accidentally fell asleep in my Hot Tub Time Machine last night and woke up in 2005. Hey look, it's Jude and Sienna, looking all kindsa cute at the Met Ball! All I'm waiting for now is Alfie 2.0 trailers all over the telly and the impending arrival of my (disastrous) AS results... As much as this photo could be a recycled hologram from back in the day, I'm secretly tres pleased. I like them together, they complement each other's looks perfectly, and, well, it just makes sense.

Romantic reconciliation's aside, there is serious news to attend to, and brace yourselves kids, this is going to be a big one. So big, in fact, I've had to sub-categorize into what I saw as micro-trends. Be prepared for bloody loads of stuff on the Oscars of the fashion world, coming... now.

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