Wednesday, 29 December 2010


So I presume everyone's pretty much suicidal about how much they've eaten over the past few days? Get over it - tell Coleen Nolan. This is no place for self loathing. I for one, have been edging closer and closer to my Grey Garden's future, and the worrying thing is, not too sure I'm as bothered as I used to be. I love scarves me.

Anyway, you may recall a little shout out to Santa on my behalf, (pretty easy seeing as it's pretty much right below this post) and well, I have to tell you - he listened. VERY WELL.

May I introduce to you, Viv:

and her mates Mawi 1 and Mawi 2:

Followed by rediscovered old Dolce & Gabbana bag (sadly sans accompanying pink timberlands):

and for shits and gigs the living room, where the magic happened:

And for even more of a laugh, here's Tosca looking so cute I could wear her round my neck and call myself Jeremy Scott:

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