Thursday, 23 December 2010


My festive buzz has kind've gone. Not gone gone - just having a little rest I hope? I think it's been all the last minute frantic shopping. In short, I have melted my debit card and my will to live. On the up side, the burgeoning sales provided me with the perfect selfish opportunity to do a Carrie Bradshaw and buy myself a present. I'm wrapping it and everything.

Carvela, Surprise Ankle Boots; Were £150, Now £29, Kurt Geiger
 At 80% off it would have been rude not to surely?

In other news, here's what I've been doing at Motilo recently:

I'll do one of those posts with all my presents after the day itself, after all everyone loves a smug bastard showing off what they've got. Cough, cough. In the meantime, I did me some Acne Atacoma nails. Lorra love.

It's all about a silver tip.

Chanel Blue Satin instead of black - just to mix it up yeh?

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