Thursday, 15 July 2010


So, what with the 90's resurgence, it was about time these bad boys popped up again. I'd been eyeing up a couple of cheap versions in Primark for a couple of weeks before taking the plunge - but take it I eventually did.

Unfortunately, out of the £1.50 three pack I bought, two have already turned green - not exactly glamorous. This little Mariah Carey number has managed to stay relatively faux gold though, chavtastic, non?

Please excuse my appalling chipped polish, it's been a long week of tube trampling

My friend Shelly recently got back from what looked like a lovely holiday in Turkey, and being the beacon of all that I consider stylish and more, low and behold had pretty adorned feet. Now I know they're cool. Get your trotters out people, let's hop on the wrong foot and do the bad thing - you know you want to.

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