Friday, 23 July 2010


I think I've made my feelings for Taylor Momsen pretty clear previously - but I've gone and shot myself in the foot by bloody liking this song. Now, unless I'm alone in this, watching the video will make you want to hurt her or yourself or someone nearby, but try and focus on the her without accidentally snapping your laptop in two. This wannabe Courtney Love slash Shirley Manson shiz she's trying to pull is a joke of epic proportions, especially seeing as she looks like she was sponsored by Claire's Accessories 'Bad Ass' range. I mean what on earth is with those trainee hairdresser extensions? Video aside, the song is pretty catchy, I particularly like the chorus - my best advice to enjoy it: DO NOT look at the screen, sit back, and pretend it's a Kelly Clarkson/Pink! duet - much better.

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  1. ur right she makes me wanna vom but i can't help but like her stuff