Thursday, 10 June 2010


Well well well, what a long stay of absence.

I do apologise - but it's been a rather busy couple of weeks. Lots to report, but I should maybe mention firstly that this post is being written in the sunny Sud-Ouest de France at my flatmate Kate's house. Hard life I know but someone's got to do it etc... The house is actually for sale, which is a little devastating for me, but Sussex calls and if you know anyone with a little spare cash looking for a fancy French foothold on the market have a squiz at the photos below and get in touch.

So, apart from freeloading, what have I been doing with myself? Well, been on a bit of a jolly if I'm honest.

Firstly there was a fun (and drunk) as ever Liverpool visit, kudos to everyone involved - a Scouse takeover of London is most definitely needed. Following that, Tony's darling sister Sophie came to stay and we had a wonderful week making cakes, being farncy, sploshing in various upmarket fountains and taking pictures with every Elephant in sight. There is some more exciting news, but this shall have to wait - so stay tuned as there could be something in it for you...

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