Thursday, 3 June 2010


Ok, so I know I'm a little late off the mark with this one but I had totally forgotten how much I want to see this exhibition at the V&A. How could one forego an extensive delve into the wardrobe, and subsequently life, of one of the most beautiful and enigmatic icons of our time, Grace Kelly. It's a shame that she is often forgotten in the Audrey vs. Marilyn debate, as to me she encompasses all that both embody separately: Maz's blonde 'BAM' factor teamed with Aud's elegant air.

Look how divine she is here with 'ol Blue Eyes? That's the kind of dress to make you weep into a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc when it doesn't fit you anymore.

She was even a proper, bonafide Princess for crying out loud. Long and short of it - I want to go, I have no money, someone take me please. Thanks.

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