Friday, 2 April 2010


... Let's talk about YOU and ME. Ahh the effervescent immortality of Salt 'n' Pepper. But obviously we're not discussing lewd early 90's girl rap here. I've needed glasses since I was 14 yet have not worn them for over two years as I feel like they make me look like the lovechild of Woody Allen and Vanessa Feltz. I was so so so excited when I got my first Armani pair, standard mushroom-y black Louis Theroux frames, then after a year I got bored so decided to switch up to a more "experimental" pair of Vivienne Westwood's; which had, and I kid you not, pink, tinted egg-shaped lenses, free floating on a single piece of gold wire that sat across the bridge of the nose and wrapped round to the ears. Teamed with a fringe like that woman of the Compo advert I'm surprised I never got egged in the street. I then settled on a reasonably "safe" pair of Chanel frameless jobbies, which I then found out Paul O'Grady had so they were binned off. Last pair to now were the over popular Prada black visor style, with gems down the sides... hence why I haven't worn them in a while... SO, after literally months of searching (as well as discovering that opticians have the most unflattering lighting EVER) I settled on the cliched Ray Bans in "Dark Havana". What with my well documented financial limitations, I decided to be a cheap-arse and scoped out the specific frame that would sufficiently fit my extra-ordinarily large face, and ordered them online. Worked out pretty well I think, all in all £75 including lenses as opposed to the £200 odd I would have paid in the shops. Please excuse the wanky photo booth shot, it's for demonstration purposes only. Oh, and I wish my hair went like that all the time. 

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