Wednesday, 28 April 2010


How unabashedly naughty of me to become so lax in my updating prowess. I do apologise, however some of you probably welcomed the break and in that case you can do one. So, what a lot has happened since I last did write, obviously I'm lying as I have a pathetically boring life, but there have been a couple of very satisfying strolls, or more like sits, on Clapham Common in the super-fly weather. 

Semi-Suburbanite activities aside nevertheless, I must draw your attention to the discovery of the best mood elevator this side of Prozac. Whack on a bit of Brigitte Bardot's Moi Je Joue at the worst of times and they'd be hard pushed not to become the best of times. Perfect for wiggling your toes to whilst you coquettishly chose something to wear pretending it's vintage Givenchy as opposed to Primark and you're the star of your own delightful French film when in reality you're probably standing in a pair of M&S knickers in harsh lighting. 

Sophia Coppola's directing job on the latest Miss Dior Cherie ad featuring the tune is pretty sweet, and I don't even like the perfume that much. Go on, have a listen, have a wiggle and put a bit of Ooh La La into that tired morning routine.

P.S. This post is dedicated to Dan Dan, she's dead good.


  1. Oh if only I had bought my Brigitte CD from the car on would have lifted the spirits of our debate night so much. Util next time moi cherie X

  2. I so wish you had! I hope you made Jack listen to it all the way back x