Sunday, 21 February 2010


Todd Lynn’s famed rock and roll reputation took a backseat this rainy Sunday afternoon three days into London Fashion week. Instead of receiving the anticipated blend of sublime deconstructed tailoring, it was a rather uniformed affair – modernism by way of Ethan Hawke in ‘Gattaca’ circa 1997.

There was no shortage of his trusty leather, varying in shades from soft putty to deepest black, and used in every way imaginable: from trousers, to jackets, epaulettes and even a harness or two. Janet Jackson’s position in the front row caused a mighty stir, with everyone from the paparazzi to the twitterverse going a bit barmy, and you could definitely see her rocking a few of his more bodycon ensembles, especially the almost armour like, zip fronted, harsh pin tucked biker jacket.

As with a lot of his work, Lynn’s AW collection erred very much on the side of androgyny, with the men and women sporting only slightly different versions of the same funnel necks, asymmetric flat fronted cuts and sandy tones. Fur on the shoulders was BIG, and I mean that literally, with the finale women’s look being a loose black leather coat with shoulders so broad and fluffy it could have walked itself down the runway. Hair and make up were kept slick and straight, with shoes being a simple mid-calf heeled boot in ash grey for girls, while the boys stomped down in moon-boot style sneakers; all soles bearing a flash of fire red. All in all, futuristic fierceness.

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