Tuesday, 3 August 2010


...You leave me Breathless.
Now don't get me wrong, we're not talking Shane Ward's eponymous hit here - this is all about Paris, 1959 and some bonafide iconography.

Last night my local cinema, The Clapham Picture House ( if you're interested ) were showing this art house classic, and being a fan of the subtitles and a little silverscreen snobbery, me and my flatmate decided to inject un petit je ne sais quois into our monday evening. 

It's ridiculous really that I've never seen this film, especially considering how I used to think I was superiority personified by watching Amelie on a loop sans subtitles, convinced it would make me fluent in le French. It is even more ludicrous considering one of my best friends, Danielle, had the DVD pretty much in the next room to me for over three years and I still didn't seize a rainy sunday afternoon to watch it. However, maybe it was for the best - as if I'd seen it previously, watching it for the first time up on the big screen might not have been so special. 

Obviously the film was good, I'm hardly going to write a post about how merde it was am I? But - there are a few things in particular that I wish to lament about. Firstly: BIG fan of the lack of retouching going on in 1959; the beautiful Jean Seberg sported a rather obvious spot for the second half of the movie... and Jean-Paul Belmondo looked so much hotter with all his scars and blemishes. SO refreshing to see. Secondly: FIT clothes, slouchy boxed suits and 7/8ths trews never looked so good - plus stripes galore teamed with white pumps equals tres tres tres chic. Thirdly: Jean-Paul Belmondo looks the spit of Alex Reid - but skinnier and more French, deffo would though. Imagine if ol' KP went for the gamine crop? Ok stop imagining it's too much.

Lastly: The New York Herald Tribune is obviously one of the finest pieces of print to get your hands on anyway, what with Mega Menkes creating all kinds of genius tout le temps - but how much cooler is it because of this?? BEAUCOUP is right. After a little cyber snooping I discovered you can get this for £17:

Not quite the knitted original but could work. Hey, if it's good enough for Kiki...


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  1. I bought a similar t-shirt inspired by Breathless here:
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